Big Picture Strategy Meeting Water Supply Needs

Delivering Results

We operate around the central vision of protecting and promoting a reliable water supply that functions cooperatively with a healthy environment

A water supply in peril

The food supply in the Central Valley matters to you and your family; and, without reliable water, that food supply is in jeopardy.Watch our short film on how Friant farms are threatened by a failing delivery system and what must be done to restore the reservoir.

Foundation For Success


Cast a proactive vision for the broader water community, building strategic partnerships that educate and influence

Education & Outreach

Create a forum for information to memeber agencies and work to educate and provide to policy makers

Water Supply

Promote projects that improve Friant Division water supply. Create opportunities for water management among member agencies

Responsible Stewardship

Connect key stakeholder groups and support balanced approach to problem solving relying on common ground solutions

Good things happen when we work together

Who We Are

Delano Earlimart Irrigation District
Exeter Irrigation District
Ivanhoe Irrigation District
Lower Tule River Irrigation District
Pixley Irrigation District
Shafter Wasco Irrigation District
Southern San Joaquin Municipal Utility District
Stone Corral Irrigation District
Tea Pot Dome Water District

South Valley covers more than 400,000 acres of the most productive farmland in the world. If your water was delivered from the Friant Canal, it probably came from one of our Member Agencies

Our Team

The South Valley business model is designed to be quick and efficient. Our team brings a ton of real-time experience and 360-degree coverage of all the challenges. We coordinate with the landowners to develop a work plan and then our team makes it happen.

We get the farmers out of the Board room and into the field so they do what they do best, grow outstanding crops and feed the world.


Dan Vink

Executive Director


Sara Tucker

Washington DC


Doug Demko

Fisheries Biologist


Shaara Ainsley

Fisheries Biologist


Louis Brown



Alex Peltzer

General Counsel
Senior Policy Advisor

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Contact Us

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